Recent publications:


We’ll Never Have Paris, edited by Andrew Gallix, Repeater Books (2019). Short story: Wear The Lace.

THOUSAND: An Anthology of Very Short Fiction. Brainchild, 2018, UK. Short story: Loom Love

FELT: Aesthetics of Grey, Zeno Press 2018. Short story: The Confessing of Ashes.

Hôpital Le Dessous des Cartes, LEH 2015, France. Hospital roman, co-written with Caroline Ruiller, Isabelle Ganon and Bertille Patin.

Selected nonfiction essays/essais, textes:

Douze, Twelve Stakes from These Dark Ages, Burning House Press, 2019.

Faith is An Egg With A Thin Shell, Burning House Press, 2019.

The Nomenclature of A Toddler, Riggwelterpress, 2018, UK.

Selected short fiction and poetry/poèmes et nouvelles:

By the Water’s Edge, Burning House Press, 2018, UK.

3:AM poem brut #26 – The Diverse Colors of Needlework, 2018, UK.

3:AM Books of the Year, 3:AM Magazine, 2017, UK.

The Ruins, The Stockholm Review of Literature, 2017.

Wild Thing, or The Law of Superposition, Litro, 2017, UK.

Matter of An Unspecified Kind, The Creative Review, 2017, UK.

The Tally, Dangerous Women Project, University of Edinburgh, 2016, Scotland.

The Race To Get Inside or Scraps, cuttings, kernels and prosthetic limbs, 2016, Halolit.

Do you think that Men Love More Than Women? Blue Fifth Review, 2015 New Zealand.

Anything Could Happen Here, Litro, 2015 UK

The Watching Crowd, commissioned AwkwordPaperCut, 2015 New York. Listen to reading.

Like Something You Wanted, 2015, Irish Literary Review

The Oldest Industry in the GalaxySilver Apples, Modern Mythologies, 2015 Ireland.

"Hold me" he whispers. Tiens-moi. Shortlisted, AwkwordPapercut competition, 2014, New York. Listen to reading.

The Pull of The Moon, Litro, 2012 UK


Susanna Crossman is also a regular contributor to the literary-visual project Visual Verse, published by The Curved House. She was commissioned by them to be a leading support writer, for a collaboration with Creative Review in 2017.  All her texts can be read here.